Thursday, February 01, 2007

Babysitters Rule

The babysitter has left and I'm all alone with baby again. Every day, I get a small reprieve from this new life called Motherhood in My 40s and get a chance to be the old me, or a semblance of the old me. I can attempt to multitask, work on my book, consult my clients, and all around pretend to be a functioning adult in a civilized world.

Then the babysitter leaves. And it is all baby, all the time. She is 7 1/2 months now, in a whining and groaning stage like she is trying to tell me something like "get the hell off the computer, mom, I'm much more interesting and my diaper is probably poopy." She is a little frustrated by the fact that she is not yet crawling although she is getting awfully close. Everyone says I'm going to be wishing for the non-crawling days again, but I have to admit I'm really looking forward to her being mobile. I think that will be so much more interesting than the "all I can do is sit and topple over then whine, whine, whine" stage.

The babysitter is saving my life or at least my sanity. I don't think I could survive 8-9 hours a day of total baby and nothing else. Call me a bad mommy, call me what you will, but I've just been adjusting to marriage later in life (38) and although I thought I wanted a baby, when she finally came, I was looking for the receipt so I could read the return policy.

Life with baby is just really hard. If it wasn't for babysitters, I'd be in the funny farm by now. At least half of each weekday, I can pretend to be a little bit normal. Because as far as I can tell, mothers are not normal. I don't know what they are yet, but they definitely are not normal.


Blogger Robin Gorman Newman said...

I know what you mean Aliza. Without our nanny, I don't know what I'd do. It helps me preserve some sanity, not to mention get in some work time, as a part time WAHM mom.

I lost my mom 7 years ago....and I often think that moms who have their moms to help with babysitting are so very fortunate. Being a 40+ mom, not all of us are that having babysitters at times is vital. I really feel for those moms who do it themselves and are not in a financial position to afford some level of childcare assistance. It's not easy.

As far as your daughter getting more mobile. Sure, they are better able to express themselves and become little people. But, as the mom of very busy almost four year old boy, I will never be a couch potato, that is for sure. Many a waking moment is spent chasing and occuping him.....and in my non-waking moments, I'm unconsciously planning what to do with him the next day. A moms work is never done! :)

4:19 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I remember the days when I worked at home and had my baby's company. Everything seems so difficult but when you see the little face and the big smile, you can't help to think to yourself "It's all worth it and I wouldn't change a thing!"

1:31 PM  

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