Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Flow by Liimu

I forgot it was Thursday. So much has happened since I last posted - first and foremost, I TURNED 40!!! So, perhaps as your gift to me, you can cut me a little slack on the post-birthday post. :)

I had a wonderful day on my birthday, which was Saturday. As I get older, it becomes less about what I get for my birthday and more about who I'm with. Because of this, I decided to have a big bash at my house, basically opening the door to my friends who could show and celebrate the day with me. I also got asked to do a gig, which normally I wouldn't do on my birthday, but it was for the How to Save a Life Foundation, which benefits drug and alcohol awareness, and what better way to celebrate all the things with which I've been blessed thanks to a life in recovery but to sing about it at a festival benefiting recovery?? And to make things even better, it was at 2 pm, so my children and some of my friends were able to be there.

We finished up about an hour before the party was about to start, and so I didn't even have time to get plates, let alone cook. People began trickling in just after five, and with the exception of a couple people, no one even balked at the fact that there were no burgers, dogs or cheesesteaks set out for them. We all just dealt with the fact that dinner would be fruit salad, cookies and chips that night. And everyone still stayed till close to 10 pm. It was wonderful to see friends I hadn't seen for awhile, and I was so happy to be doing exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday, with exactly the people with whom I wanted most to be doing it.

In flow. That's what 2010 is all about for me. Being in Flow. So, here's the post, coming exactly when it was supposed to. Hope you enjoyed it.

See you next week!



Blogger Laura Houston said...

Happy Birthday! A week late. I loved turning 40. I love being 45. As you have already figured out as a 35+ mom, life just keeps getting better. Congrats on a great gig and a successful day. Sounds PERFECT. Look forward to reading your next blog.

7:39 AM  

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