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ROBIN'S PICKS and GIVEAWAYS: On the Go, Fun, Memorable and Edible

Periodically when I stumble on something cool/new, I like to share. So, check out the following:

The SKECHERS Fitness Group has introduced the all new Technical Running Series. Built from the ground up, the series is a sophisticated line that incorporates Smart Shoe™ technology, which allows you to run as nature intended. The proprietary design enables a mid-foot strike, helping your foot get off the ground faster and minimizing injury.   I tried a pair, and liked the I had an extra bounce in my stride.

SRR ProSpeed, $100 - The ProSpeed is the flagship style of the SRR Pro Series and allows you to train like a pro. This revolutionary design changes the way you run by simulating barefoot running. Incorporating the Smart Shoe™ technology to optimize each stride, it is a very lightweight training and racing shoe.

SRR Pro Resistance, $120 - The Pro Resistance is a dynamic, sleek, lightweight running shoe that helps properly align your body for a natural running form. The cushioning Resamax midsole limits joint stress while the pressure diffusion plate helps evenly disperse energy, propelling you forward.

Shape-Ups LIV by SKECHERS are designed with Natural Stride™ Technology to promote natural foot motion and to guide the wearer back to the body’s natural, barefoot stride.  I have a pair and find them comfortable!

Since launching Shape-ups, SKECHERS has been at the forefront of the athletic shoe industry, evolving and expanding its collection of fitness and training shoes. Shape-ups LIV by SKECHERS are versatile and can be used by the avid runner, the power walker, the stroller pusher, the mall window shopper, the weekend hiker, or anyone else interested in optimizing their natural gait -- or just in looking cool.

Shape-ups LIV by SKECHERS features:
• Natural Stride™ Technology –– The angled bottom rocks on a diagonal plane that guides movement back to a natural gait and promotes fluid transitions as you walk, jog, or run.
• Varus bottom technology causes the shoe to rock on a diagonal plane from the outside of the heel to the inner most toe, preventing over-pronation and optimizing your natural gait.
• Articulated flex groove bottom allows for maximum flexibility and a nearly limitless free range of motion.
• Sock-fit construction with exoskin support feels like a natural extension of your foot.
• Ultra lightweight, with a comfortably stylish, modern design.
• Available in men’s and women’s sizes


Note: If you'd like to be entered to win a free pair of LIV by SKECHERS, post a comment on this blog by 7/13 and indicate why you'd like to try them and give your size and email address.  Two lucky winners will be chosen and notified via email.

Cheap Halloween costumes is the name of the game at Costume Discounters. Their low price guarantee ensures you'll get good value when you buy your costume for Halloween or other occassion. Costume Discounters ofters a huge array of costumes...all year round. From Halloween costumes, kids costumes, toddler costumes, adult costumes and sexy costumes.

We ordered a S.W.A.T. Team costume for my son, and he's been having a ball with it!  He's enjoys playing dress-up, whether on Halloween or whenever the mood strikes him.  (Note: the above photo is not my son.) – costumes for boys
: check it out here

True Lemon's refreshing taste can help make drinking the right amount of water per day easy and delicious.

With 0 calories and 0 carbohydrates, all natural True Lemon make plain drinking water refreshingly tart and delicious because it's made from real fruit. For those who like powdered drink mixes, True Lemon-ade and True Lemon-ade with Raspberry are terrific options. Unlike many of today's popular mixes, True Lemon-ades are 100% all-natural, sweetened only with natural Stevia, and only 5 calories per serving!

True Citrus products:
• Have all-natural fresh-squeezed taste that encourages drinking water instead of artificially-flavored or sugared beverages;
• Are made from lemons and other 100% all-natural ingredients;
• Have no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, gluten or sodium; and
• Provide 25% of an adult’s daily Vitamin C requirements per serving.

My son and I tried a variety of flavors, and especially loved the Raspberry Lemonade.  He also had a good time mixing the flavors to create his own, which always turned out good!  Visit

Note: If you would like to be entered to win a True Citrus gift pack featuring an assortment, post a comment to this blog by 7/13, indicate why you'd like to try the product, and include your email.

Freaky Pets are the first-of-its-kind line of transformable plush creatures that come to life in an online virtual world. The cute creatures turn into creepy critters by turning the animals inside out, two toys in one!  Freaky Pets are sold at select Hallmark stores and after purchasing, you receive a code allowing you access into the online virtual 3-D world where the stuffed animals come to life. My son gets a kick out of them!

Freaky Pets just released the first single called ‘I Feel Good’ featuring the Black Eyed Puffs, from the album ‘New Pets on The Block’ which is filled with 5 kid friendly tunes! ‘I Feel Good’ is a fun, pop dance tune which celebrates feeling good, feeling positive, and knowing that even when things get a little rough, they will get better! The first 5,000 people get a free download. The full album will be released on July 12th and  sold on iTunes and For the free download, go to, Freaky Pets are also offering a monthly giveaway of a pet on their Facebook page (!/pages/Freaky-Pets/144422415568427).

Get to Know Your Kid by Shana Connell Noyes is a book of questions for children aged four to ten. Formulated with the guidance of two child psychologists, the questions are specifically designed to encourage young children to open up and share their thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams.It is also designed to become a memento. At the top of each page is a question and underneath is space to write your child’s answer. The book is beautifully illustrated and brought to you by Stewart, Tabori and Chang, an imprint of ABRAMS, the publishers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

In this fast-paced world we live in, it’s hard to slow down and just be present with our children. Get to Know Your Kid gives you a reason to step back, take time out of your busy life and enjoy what is right in front of you—your kids. By opening up a conversation between you and your child, you will start a lifelong dialogue that will bring you closer together now and in the years to come.

NOTE: Thanks to the above companies for providing product samples.

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Blogger Amari said...

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5:02 AM  
Blogger Amari said...

Great post! I love Skechers, and the Shape-Ups you've pictured on your post look amazing! I'd love a chance to win these and I think I'd be the happiest baby walker in the neighborhood with these on! My size is 8.5 and I hope I win!! Yay!! My email is

5:03 AM  
Blogger Cara Meyers said...

I walk my 13 year old dog in my ratty, old sneakers, because I made a promise to my dog that I would do everything I could to keep him healthy and happy, for as long as possible. He is one of the loves in my life, and I want him to stay healthy and fit. He promised to drag me out the door so that I stay healthy and fit as well! I would love to try the new Sketchers so that my dog and I can walk farther, and my feet will feel better, when we share our Happy Dog walks together! My shoe size is size 8. My e-mail is: I would be so excited to win!!!

11:14 AM  
Blogger Cara Meyers said...

I have tried the plain True Lemon, but mostly used it in my hot tea. This product looks like I can also use it to make cold beverages as well! I would love to try it and find out! My e-mail is:

11:19 AM  

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