Saturday, October 08, 2011

Friendship Is A Drug by Maureen Eich VanWalleghan

Today, I spontaneously got to hang out with a girlfriend. I had run out to do a quick errand and then planned to return home to write this post, wash dishes and read college papers, but in the process of following up on the quick errand, my friend invited me over. I went for it.

My daughter and this friend’s daughter go to the same school, but are in different grades. My daughter really likes her friend and I really like the mommy. The situation made for a relaxing moment.

The need getting met—as I leisurely drank tea, laughed, told silly personal stories—was the pleasure of being heard. Being heard—the sensation that another person is really listening to me—is so addictive. Even as my mind was running through the list of things I needed to do, I just couldn’t seem to pull myself away. After three hours I knew I had to go and my friend had things to do as well.

Wow, three whole hours of just relaxing, that is a rarity. I do get to hang out upon occasion with other dear friends, but rarely uninterrupted for that long. It was intoxicating and when I got home I just wanted more, more, more.

Getting quality girlfriend time is something that I have given up expecting to have in my world of motherhood. Of the few women friends and close family members, who are in my life, the hangout factor doesn’t happen much as everyone is busy, including me. So, the luxury of uninterrupted connection—just relaxing with a girlfriend seems impossible.

There is something about the special listening that a girlfriend gives that is hard to replicate. It is addicting. It fills me up in a way that nothing else does. Note to self: schedule more girlfriend time and feed the soul...


So as I finish writing this, I need to say that this is my last regular weekly post for Motherhood Later. I will be shifting into book reviewing for the site, which I am very excited to do—a little something I have wanted to do since I was in high school. Watch for my first review coming at the end of October of Mom, Incorporated by Aliza Sherman and Danielle Elliot Smith.


Blogger Cara Meyers said...

We'll miss you each week, Maureen! But I am excited to see your reviews because we tend to read the same types of books!

Have fun!!

3:03 PM  
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