Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time to Get Liimu

Better late than never, I suppose.

With four kids you'd think I would have no trouble staying active. Fact is, I am so exhausted most of the time, it is easy to convince myself to forego the gym. I can no longer deny it, though. I have to get moving.

I recently injured my Achilles, so i have to be more creative about how to get my workouts in (no running for now) What's more, I am fed up with boring gym workouts so I have found a bunch of fun new ways to get active, including:

- Walking, occasionally uphill. My 9-year old just started running so this is something we can do together. Bonus!
- Spinning. Great workout and hey, it's different.
- TRX. I'm a little intimidated since it uses body weight and I am maxed out in that department, but I am nothing if not courageous
- Interval training. Short, intense workouts. Just my speed these days, however, I find that I really need someone to take me through these workouts and hold me accountable.

Still exploring intuitive eating and resisting the urge to diet myself back down to a comfy size ten. I'm told that this will work and what's more, it will last. We shall see, my friends. I am definitely all in. That much is definitely true.


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