Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spider Mom Pumps Iron

Getting to the gym never happens as often as I'd like it to. I admit it. Sure, I have an exercise bike at home and treadmill, but the exercise room in the basement has become more of an overflowing toy storage area of late. There was a time when I would even retreat there to meditate in peace. I have the CDs and candles to prove it. I am a huge fan of the practice.........but these days, finding quiet time feels like a luxury in my multi-tasking mom life.

That said, I do think it's essential to keep our minds and bodies best we can.....and at 40+, the aging clock is ticking (not just biological). In the bigger scheme of things, we want to be here for our kids. And, since it seems, my son is destined to be an athlete......he already has asked for boxing lessons and loves to tackle more than anything.....I need to keep up. This summer, we will buy him his first bike. A big step for him.....and no doubt, cardio for me, as I chase him down the hill on our block.

So, when he fights me because I announce it's time for mom to hit the gym, I tell him that mommy has to exercise (pump some iron). That I need to be strong and Spider Man (who has muscles) son's favorite super hero these days..........and that "SpiderMom" will be home in time to read books with him and put him to bed.

Tomorrow I'm going to call my gym and arrange for his private boxing lesson. I might be well-served to get myself a pair of boxing gloves. Who knows? It could one day become a family sport for us....and then I won't have to fight him to go to the gym........we can duke it out there, as a mommy & son boxing duo.


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