Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Eight Nights of Hanukkah...and Gifts?

Hanukkah starts officially tonight, but in Seth's head it began weeks ago. They have had discussions in his Pre-K class about the upcoming holidays, and he's fixated on them. This is the first year that he has such an acute awareness that it's almost overwhelming.

He is asking questions like why don't we celebrate Christmas? How does the Menorah work? (He's always been mechanically inclined.) Where is our Christmas tree? etc.....etc.

Last year, a friend gave us a children's book about Hanukkah, so we'll read that tonight for sure. And, I raced out this afternoon to scoop up the remaining jelly donuts at Dunkin Donuts. Who knew they were such a hot commodity? I tried to get them last night, but they had totally sold out, and the cashier asked me if everyone was buying them for Hanukkah? In fact, today, when I waited in line at the Dunkin store, the man in front of me ordered a cup of coffee and a jelly donut. Of all the donuts, he had to get jelly?! (one less for me) To be honest, I don't even like jelly donuts, but it's tradition.

Seth last night asked if we're going to have potato latkes today? I hadn't planned on it. Marc & I are trying to cut back on carbs. But, it's Hanukkah. So, I raced over to Associated Supermarket and snagged the last bag of frozen potato pancakes. My dad, too, asked for some, so that is perfect...I'll split the bag with him when he comes to visit later this week.

But...the biggest challenge of all is the eight nights....and eight gift dilemna. Should Seth get eight gifts? That seems quite indulgent. Will he appreciate any of them if he gets that many? Are we depriving him if we don't give eight gifts? I realize they don't all have to be big gifts. And, what about the gifts from my dad and sister? Do those count as part of the eight gifts, or does he get two gifts a couple of nights?

Oh...and what about a gift for mommy? Did anyone buy me anything?

This weekend we had a fight with him when we stopped into a KB Toys. I made the mistake of thinking we could browse....I so should have known better. Seth fixated on a pair of Power Ranger gloves and a phone and cried incessantly until we agreed to get them for him. And, he refused to have it be for Hanukkah because he didn't want to wait to open it. We gave in, but had a heart-to-heart in the car on the way home. I explained that he could open it now, but in fact, it was an "early" Hanukkah gift. That would mean that one night he doesn't get a gift because he already got one of his eight presents. He said he understood. This remains to be seen. For now, he is thrilled with present #1, a garbage truck. He's filling it with his blocks and dominoes and making pretend garbage dumps all over the living room.

Marc is working late tonight. Grandma is coming over later for latkes, and I'm gonna hit the gym shortly because no doubt I won't be able to resist tonight.

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!!


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