Friday, October 12, 2007

A Life of His Own

We went to an Open House at Seth's pre-K last night, and I always find myself feeling very sentimental when I go to his school. It's like I become that much more aware of the life that Seth has outside of me and his home. His new teacher spoke highly of him, and others in the school commented on how he proudly walks into the classroom wearing his favorite firetruck polo shirt. And, how he's always smiling. And, how much he grew in height from last year....since he went to the same school.

He's becoming his own little person, and I can see a greater level of maturity in him. He's not a baby anymore (though he'll always be my little guy), and he's already made his first classmate friend. He came home with a note in his school bag recently from the teacher. It said that Seth has become friends with a boy named Nathan, and that perhaps we'd like to do a playdate after school. I was given the name/number of his mother. We spoke, and got the boys together. It was so cute to see them engage in their own dialogue, even as it relates to experience that we don't share with them.

I think back to the Mommy & Me class days...and I feel like a broken record when I say this...but time truly does goes fast. While a part of me misses when Seth was little and could fit in my arms, there is a lot to be said for observing his evolution. I feel so priviledged to witness the growth of his life and to be able to make whatever contributions I can toward his development. Parenthood really is a special role, and I can see how parents look back when their children are grown and comment that their kid(s) are the best thing they ever did.

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Blogger Sang-Hee said...

Your last two posts make such a wonderful example of the ups and downs of parenthood. A friend of mine recently commented on the topic on parenthood: they are mostly downs, but the few ups trump them all, making it all worthwhile. Thanks for sharing, Robin!

10:03 AM  

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