Friday, June 19, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

When it rains it pours....literally.

It's been raining this whole week in NY, and my brain is water-logged.

This has been a trying time.

Seth was home sick with a virus/temperature.

He missed his "moving up" day for first grade.

Luckily he was well enough to attend his kindergarten ceremony/party in class. It was bittersweet.

We had no home phone service for four days due to the basement construction, which is truly challenging me, as I blogged previously.

Workers in the house daily. Decisions to be made. And, now we have a potential legal matter on our hands due to plumbing that turned up in the basement that was done not up to code (we didn't know) by a previous contractor who redid a bathroom for us. It has to be fixed for our current project to pass inspection, and we're looking at a $3,000 expense. The contractor was informed and dismissed we may be looking at small claims court...which I hate to pursue.

Yesterday our home phone service was fixed, and I awoke this morning to a totally dead cell phone. I have no clue why. It won't even charge. It was fine when I went to bed last night.

Ok. I know in the scheme of things none of this is major. But, it adds up.

Seth has half a school day today, and we plan to see the movie UP with friends this afternoon.....after a visit to the Verizon store. The "upside" is that Seth loves that place, so it will be one more engaging activity for him today.

Is this rain gonna stop in time for Father's Day?! Would be nice to spend the day at our community pool and have dinner out. Not sure what we'll do if the weather doesn't hold up.

Ever feel like you just want to stay in bed and sleep for days?! That's kinda where I'm at at the moment, since I haven't been sleeping great all week due to visions of the basement floating through my mind.

I need a girls night out bad! Do you take the time to do that?

It's so important for us caretaking moms to make sure life doesn't feel overwhelmed with chores, tasks, responsibility, etc.

My birthday is in August...and while a ways away...I'm already giving some thought to what I might like to do.

This coming week is gonna be busy too. Seth starts camp June 29th, so I have to make sure he's prepared. And, he's got a ton of half days, so we have some pool playdates scheduled and a haircut. And, two birthday parties for friends of his in the next week.

Diverting for a moment....did you read the story on re: the 53 year old woman on Long Island who participated in a press conference yesterday at North Shore Hospital in NY, announcing she gave birth to twins using donor eggs and her husband's sperm. She wants to be an advocate for those who view their biological clock as ticking, so they can know it's possible to give birth, without complications, even in your 50s.

I thought...more power to her....twins at that age! G-d bless them all. As long as they're all in good health, that's what counts. I, personally, couldn't imagine. But, it's all what you want from life. The dad is 41.

Happy Father's Day to all the "later" dads out there!!

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