Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Work

Felt like a prisoner in my own home yesterday.

The alarm company came, and we're now back in full working order, but what was supposed to take a few hours, went into the early evening. That, combined with the gloom and rain, made it quite a tedious day. Not that I wanted for things to do...I was busy networking on the phone....had some very interesting chats re: motherhoodlater and my love coaching work....but by the time my son came home from camp, my husband came home from work and dinner time rolled around, I was itching to get out with no place special to go.

No good movies were husband offered to put my son to bed so I could go out if I wanted.

I didn't feel like going shopping.

Then what?

Could have hit the gym, but wasn't feeling it.

I was at a loss. And, I kinda wanted to hang with Seth and play a bit. He's become very playful these days before bedtime, and it's been fun.

So, I stayed home, but it was such an isolating day. I guess some days are just like that and we have to be accepting. The daily routine of life isn't always exciting.... but as long as it's relatively calm, one can be grateful.

Today is a different day. The plumbers are done for the moment (until tomorrow), and no more workers are expected until the I'm a free bird.

Gonna try to wrap up some work on my computer and hit the pool by myself this afternoon and then again take Seth if he wants to go after camp. There is the possibility of showers later, so I don't want to wait until then.

Working from home is a blessing and challenge at the same time.

I was chatting with a gal yesterday who at present is working from home and was sharing how isolating it felt. I can relate. Yet, another mom I know who works fulltime now, yearns to be home with her young son.

Is it that we're never totally happy with what we have? Or do things look greener on the other side of the fence? (Is that the expression?)

Hmmmm...something to think about. I'd sure like to be fully content in the present moment, and I envy people with that capacity. Something to aspire to.

PS -- On another note -- Are you a fan of Todd Parr, the super cool and clever best-selling children's author/artist?? I am.... and I just learned he's coming out with a new line of kids clothes to be sold at select Nordstrom stores starting 8/15. Check it out at It's for ages 18 months - 6 years.....boys and girls. Fun, colorful, quirky art and positive messages are his trademarks.

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Blogger Lorie said...

I think being fully content in the moment takes practice. But even if you have that talent it can still be hard to be stuck inside all day!

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess some days are just like that and we have to be accepting. The daily routine of life isn't always exciting.... Hookup Apps

9:22 PM  

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