Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cara's Fun Finds - By Cara Potapshyn Meyers

We've been getting quite a few exciting products for kids here at! 
I'd like to share some of these with you!
Jungle Speed

There is a new game that has already taken Europe by storm! Jungle Speed is now available in America with more than two million games already sold. Developed by the company Asmodee, Jungle Speed is a fast, quick thinking game using lightening fast reflexes. The object of the game is for the opponents to be quick enough to get rid of their cards by grabbing a bright yellow totem in the middle.
I played Jungle Speed with my son, husband and Mother-in-Law. After a quick reading of the instructions to each player, we were off, flipping cards and racing to grab the coveted totem! My son had the most fun, partially because his reflexes were quickest! We all had fun, though, trying to flip our cards in creative ways, matching symbols and trying to grab that totem! Needless to say, my son won several rounds. We all had fun, though, trying to get the totem and rid our cards to win!
Jungle Speed is for ages 8+
Playing time: 15 minutes (although we far exceeded that!)
Includes a cloth bag, 80 cards, one totem and one rule book.
This game retails for $19.99 and is currently available at Toys "R" Us, Target, Walmart and other major and individual retailers across the country.
For a game play video, check out:

The Adventures of Bella & Harry
Let's Visit Venice!
By Lisa Manzione
The Adventures of Bella and Harry is a picture book series that takes the young reader through excursions of a dog named Bella, her little brother Harry and their family. Together they travel the world exploring new, exciting cities. These two lovable Chihuahuas travel the world while allowing readers to learn and appreciate different countries and understand each country's cultural diversity.
The "Bella and Harry" series is an informative, interactive and exciting way to introduce children to travel. As the pups visit other countries, they learn about the customs, history and exciting landmarks. The series explores locations both domestically as well as internationally.
In this second book of the series, Bella and Harry visit Venice, Italy. My son (age 8) read the book to me and giggled his way through the escapades! The part my son said he loved the most was when Harry ran off after a flock of pigeons! I presume because my son does the same, he could relate to the excitement and difficulty in catching a bird! 
The artwork in this book, illustrated by Kristine Lucco is gorgeous! The stunning illustrations certainly enhance the beauty of the story as Bella and Harry travel through Italy.
My son picked up on two interesting aspects about Italy through the illustrations; First, that Italy is shaped like a boot, as the story describes and a beautiful illustration portrays; Second, my son remembered that the cultural colors of Italy are green, white and red! I was impressed that he remembered both pieces of information!
This book covers a multitude of facts about Italy including the use of gondolas, visiting St. Mark's Square and learning what a Patron Saint is. The pups also learned about Rialto Bridge and "Carnivale de Venezia" with it's elaborate masks! The book ends with a short list of fun Italian phrases and useful words.
For more information about Bella and Harry and to see more fun, visit their website at:
This book is published by Trimark Press, Inc. 
Reading level would be ideal for ages 4+ with a more comprehensive understanding for ages 8+.
With more than eleven million KIDZ BOP CDs sold, one Platinum Record, and 9 Gold Records, KIDZ BOP is the number one music brand in the U.S.! Their latest CD, KIDZ BOP 20 is sure to be another hit!
KIDZ BOP 20 is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary with a new class of talented kids performing well known songs such as:
Born This Way
Never Say Never
Who Says
The Lazy Song
We played this CD at my son's recent birthday party. The guests went wild and broke out in hip-hop moves and sang the songs they knew! I was so excited that this CD added a fun and exciting dimension to my son's party that was completely unexpected!
Additionally, we went to the website, where we listened to birthday themed celebrity shout outs, watched video props and investigated fun activities as part of the "Official KIDZ BOP Birthday Bash Super Contest"! It was a very cool website!
KIDZBOP is available at KIDZBOP SHOP and iTunes
Appropriate for children ages 5 - 12

Thanks to the companies featured for providing product samples.

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