Friday, December 30, 2011

ROBIN'S PICKS AND GIVEAWAYS: Snack Good, Smell Good, Play Good

Periodically when I stumble on something cool/new, I like to share. So, check out the following:

When you take a stroll down the chip and pretzel aisle at your local supermarket, you might think you are making a healthier choice by choosing baked chips, but cooked chips of any type are not the best option any more. The latest trend in chips is eating them raw to gain the most nutritional value.  

Flavored with garlic and vegan cheese, the “Vampire Killer – Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale” chips are not your average pieces of baked kale that you would make at home in your oven with a little olive oil and salt. These kale chips take health food to a whole new level, completely eliminating the cooking process altogether. Instead, the kale is mixed with a seasoning containing ground and dehydrated garlic, red bell pepper, cashews, sunflower seeds, lemon juice and scallions, and then the pieces of kale are also dehydrated creating a crispy and delicious snack. By not baking or frying the chips, all of the vegetable’s nutritional elements are left intact, and you receive the benefits of eating raw foods because the naturally occurring enzymes and vitamins found in kale are not destroyed by heat.

One serving of  Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale chips contains 140 calories, 6 grams of protein, 139% of the daily recommended value of vitamin A, 129% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C, 11% of the daily recommended value of iron and 8% of the daily recommended value of calcium.

About Brad’s Raw Foods
Brad's Raw Foods is the home of The World's Healthiest Chip.  Over 4 years ago, founder and creator, Brad Gruno made significant changes in his life and discovered the health benefits of eating raw.  Despite the benefits of the raw diet, one thing he really missed was the crunch of a good snack. Brad began making raw chips in his kitchen to satisfy that craving.  Now, he is happy to be able to share his snack with others. For more information please visit
SHINE by Heidi Klum
Shine by Heidi Klum: An effervescent floral oriental fusion, Shine perfectly reflects Heidi’s sparkling vivacity and soft sensuality.  The elegant fragrance opens with fresh, juicy notes of mandarin and pear, enhanced with spicy pink peppercorn to invigorate the senses. This melts into a beautifully feminine bouquet of exquisite mimosa absolute, lily-of-the-valley and sunflower, exuding a delicious joie-de-vivre.  At its base, warm notes of vanilla, tonka bean and musk create seductive, sensual undertones, making this fragrance wonderfully addictive.   

Shine by Heidi Klum ranges in price from $14.99 to $35.
Note: If you'd like to be entered to win a free sample of SHINE, post a comment on this blog by 1/4 and indicate why you'd like to try it and include email address. One lucky winner will be chosen and notified via email.

The award-winning Brainstring Advanced from Recent Toys is perfect for hours of unplugged entertainment during the cold winter months! Trying to figure out this challenging brain teaser will stretch your puzzle-solving skills to the next level. Touted as the "Rubik's cube of the next generation," the Brainstring Advanced makes a unique  gift for those ages 8 and up! $16.99  Learn more at  My son and I had a good time playing with this.   Makes for a fun travel and dining out toy.

NOTE: Thanks to the above companies for providing product samples.

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