Friday, February 17, 2012


The New Victory Theater Presents

World Stage Productions and Broadway Asia International LLC

U.S. Premiere

From Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, comes Brazil! Brazil!, a show that blends the rhythms of Rio Carnaval with capoeira, acrobatics, live samba and soccer-inspired street dance to celebrate the country’s history, culture, and indomitable spirit if its people. 

Brazil! Brazil! has been featured at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as a sell-out performance for two consecutive seasons, showcasing many of Brazil’s leading singers, musicians, dancers and songwriters.  With a cast of 15 performers, all of whom are from the favelas of Salvador, Brazil! Brazil! uses music, capoeira and dance to share their inspirational journey from the streets of Salvador to the stage.  

Brazil! Brazil! is directed by Toby Gough. Choreography is by Marcos Santana, Costume Design is by Fabio Toblini, Scenic Elements and Prop Design is by Faye Armon, Sound Design is by Sam Kusnetz, Lighting Design is by Ryan O’Gara, Video Design is by trackingprod and Original Music is by Rhythm Carnival. 

Performers include: Gianne Abbott, Igor Alisson, Mickey Beigi, Ananias, John Farnworth, Paloma Gomes, Jonathas, Jai Bispo, Arthur Mansilla, Pururu Mao No Couro, Carlinhos Pajeú, Tedy Santana, Marcelo Santolis, Kiko Souza and André Tigáná.

Brazil! Brazil! is recommended for everyone over the age of 5, according to New Victory Theatre.  It is high octane production, and my son particularly liked it when the oversized inflatable soccer balls were bounced around the audience.  The acrobatics are impressive, and while some of the musical numbers were on the sexy/sultry side, they captured the spirit and passion of Brazil and showcased the raw talent and energy of performers.

Performance Schedule
Fri        Feb 17             7pm
Sat       Feb 18             2pm, 7pm
Sun      Feb 19             12pm, 5pm
Wed     Feb 22             2pm
Thu      Feb 23             7pm
Fri        Feb 24             7pm
Sat       Feb 25             2pm, 7pm
Sun      Feb 26             12pm, 5pm

General Ticket Information
Tickets for Brazil! Brazil! at The New Victory Theater (209 West 42nd Street) cost $25, $18, $12 and $9 for Members and $38, $28, $18 and $14 for Non-members based on seat locations. To purchase tickets online, visit, and to purchase by phone, call 646-223-3010. It is running through February 26th.

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