Friday, February 09, 2007

Musical Beds tonight, I am sleeping with my dad (not in the sense you might think of course).

My elderly dad is spending the weekend with us recuping from his recent surgery. Since our spare bedroom is in the basement, and it's too many stairs for him to tackle, he is sharing my comfy pillowtop mattress tonight and tomorrow, and my husband is hitting the sack solo downstairs.

My son is totally thrilled to be having a sleepover with his grandpa. (He likes to tuck him in.) And, I'm grateful for the time with my dad as well. I have just found in recent years that I don't sleep as well as I used I hope his snoring and frequent bathroom trips don't further keep me up. I was pretty much always a light sleeper, but it's gotten even more challenging. Combination of being a peri-menopausal mom, and having "midlife mom brain" (information overload), my 35+ mom friends and I surmise.

After chasing a four year old around all week, you'd think I'd just fall into bed, but that's not necessarily the case.


Tonight my son was in rare form at the diner. He was so clearly overtired that he passed on his turkey burger (and fries) and spent a good portion of the time under the table picking on used chewing gum people left behind. Has your child ever done that? (Where is the hand sanitizer when you need it?) It was one of those nights where we probably should have just done takeout, but after being in the house so much (it's been really cold here this week), we just wanted to get some air....however frigid.

I don't regret it....but since it wasn't didn't exactly leave me in the greatest frame of mind for a peaceful night's slumber. But, I'll do my best. Tomorrow I take Seth to gym class, and he'll be his usual energizer bunny self, and I'll have a little bit of mommy chill time. I'll take what I can get. Perhaps on the way home he'll nap in the car, and I can do the same when we get back to the house. Wouldn't mind if someone would drive me around one day until I doze ....preferably a limo, thank you, with a flat screen tv and cushioned reclining seats in the back.....and a bottle of champagne on ice. Why not go for the gusto?!


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