Friday, July 27, 2007

Are we ready?

My friend came for a visit. She took a tour of our place and commented how modern, clean, and well-kept it was. Then she declared that the place was not ready at all for a baby. She pointed out what could be done to make our place baby-ready: the bookshelves and the desk in the master bedroom have to go to make room for baby, you can't have the baby in the room at the other end of the hallway, are you crazy? You will regret the several extra steps you will have to take to take care of the baby in the middle of the night.... the CD case and the 1000 CDs contained within have to go, unless you are happy to let the baby play with them as toys...of course, the baby will LOVE to teethe on them...the audio system has to go, or get a cabinet that has doors that can be locked!...(but where are all these stuff going to go? The basement and make it hands-off for babies? That's absurd!)....since the grand piano cannot move, you might as well make peace with the fact that the finish will be smudged all over with grease and drool.... I finally got in a word edge-wise, that I still have time to get ready, 14 weeks for that matter. In fact, I was planning to do all the baby-proofing business during the time period when the nesting instinct is supposed to kick in, conveniently around week 35?

Perhaps it is time for me to have a serious discussion with my husband. Maybe sometime next week or so...


Blogger Carrie G said...

You will be glad to know that our grand piano has been fine, as has the audio equipment...and give yourself at least 6 months AFTER baby to think about babyproofing. Let the baby be at home WITH you! It's such an adjustment, but doesn't have to take over. Really!

As far as the CD Cases, ours are in plastic storage boxes now, but it also gave my husband a new reason for the 200 cd changer. :P

2:53 PM  
Blogger Sang-Hee said...

cgruhn7, thanks for your comment! It definitely boosted my energy. Your advice to "let the baby be at home with" us is a great one. Thanks again!

3:17 PM  

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