Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Going to the Store

I still seem to use going to the store as a way to kill time rather than just hanging around the house with the baby. She does fine, but I get restless. Right now, she is content watching her animal video - she brought it to me and made a little sound that sounded like a demand to watch it. She's fine but I'm antsy to do something.

It is only 2:20pm and hubby isn't home for another 2+ hours. So I have "going to the store" on the agenda. Sure, we need a little more formula, but the real reason is to break the monotony. Not that baby is boring - not in the least. But a lot of the time I still can't dial down my brain enough to just be here, at home, unable to do a lot of work once the babysitter is gone.

We need to get out. If the weather was nicer, I'd put her in the jogging stroller and take a nice walk. But it is cold and rainy again. So supermarket, here we come!


Blogger Sang-Hee said...

I read a recommendation to keep a list of 30-minute activities that one can do with a baby. I am putting down "walk to the grocery store" on my list now. Thanks, Aliza!

3:27 PM  

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