Saturday, June 09, 2007

Couples Night Out Here We Come!!

We have a sitter coming tonight for Seth, and I am psyched. We so rarely get out as couples on the weekend, but tonight we have play tickets with friends. It will be refreshing to have some adult conversation, even though we'll mostly be watching a show.

Before we became parents, Marc & I used to go out with friends often, see shows regularly, etc. Now, since we have a nanny during the week, we mostly hang with Seth on weekends and make plans with other families with children. Don't get me wrong....we do enjoy that too.....but sometimes you just need a childfree evening.

Luckily, Seth has grown to like our weekend babysitter. When he was younger, and we'd leave him, he'd cry and cry. Now he sees it as an opportunity to make it a movie night with the sitter and watch either Cars for the umpteenth time.....or Rescue Heroes. We are so happy they click, and she is very tolerant of his taste in films.

We, unfortunately, don't have family members available to, tomorrow we are actually interviewing a college student who could be a back-up babysitter. We are curious to see how Seth responds to her. We don't like the idea of relying just on one person, in case she's not available. What a job, though, to find someone. I've posted flyers, asked around, etc.....sometimes I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack or mining for gold because it's so hard. But, I guess in a way I am. Nothing is more important than the health and safety of my child....and he is certainly worth his weight in gold.

Do you have a sitter for your child, and was she/he hard to find?


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