Saturday, September 08, 2007

Marital Milestone

Boy does time fly!

Marc & I will be married 15 years this week. I look at wedding photos of us (which I don't often do) and can see the youth there. I was 30 when we met, and we tied the knot two years later. I remember it well.

So much has changed since that memorable, sunny day, full of love, friends, family, and shared dreams. I lost my mom, and he lost his dad. Neither lived to see us become parents, though my mother knew we were undergoing fertility treatment at the time she became seriously ill. Looking back, it's no huge surprise that the IVF failed twice, given all the stress I was under visiting her in the hospital.

I look at photos of Marc & I now, and I can see how time and life ages you. Not that I'm an old geezer.....but 47 is a far cry from 32. There are more facial lines, gray strands, back stiffness.....etc. But, I am grateful for my overall health, and for Marc's as well. And to have Seth in our lives.

So, tonight we will celebrate. We hired a sitter for Seth, and we're dining in an elegant NYC five star restaurant, Jean Georges. To go for the gusto, we also hired a sitter for next Saturday, and are eating in another chic Manhattan spot, Bouley. We're celebrating twice because.... why not? (Also....truth be told....we couldn't decide which restaurant we preferred and so seldom really splurge. We've become Seven Seas Diner regulars with Seth.)

You only live once, so we're going for it! Here's to another 15 years!!

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Blogger Sang-Hee said...

Congratulations!!! This week marks three years since I first met my husband. I can't imagine us 12 years from now! Then again, my parents have been married for more than 40 years....

2:38 PM  

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