Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Real R&R

We returned Monday from vacation in San Antonio. How great...and exhausting it was to get away.

I really needed a break from home, but travel with a four year old isn't the easiest. We wound up changing hotels after the first night, since the bed was too hard for me. We had gotten a room with two Queens, and Marc was sleeping with Seth. That proved to be a challenge since Seth enjoyed kicking and rolling all over him. So, we switched from the Sheraton to the Hyatt, where we got a King and a rollaway bed for Seth. This was a better choice.

But, life (six nights) in a smallish hotel room with a busy boy is far from R&R. Not to mention that it was lights out most nights by 9PM, on the early side for me...a natural night owl.

Seth was so hyped up the first couple of days due to the excitement of being away that even getting him to sleep took considerable energy.

I need some real R&R. It got me thinking back to my single days when you could go on a trip and your time was your own. Now it mostly revolves around making sure Seth is entertained on some level.

On one hand, it was cozy and a nice bonding experience as a family....and I do miss having that undistracted time away.

I'll Blog more about San Antonio and the trip itself later in the week, as I do think it's a cool place for families to visit...and a nice alternative to Orlando.

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