Friday, August 07, 2009

Baby Steps - by Robin

I can't believe I'm saying this.....but we're actually coming down the home stretch with the basement construction. That's not to say we're done by any means. I'm in the throes of interviewing painters to get estimates, and dealing with carpet guys, deliveries, and of course the ongoing mess in the house. We're a very long way from having a sense of organization, but it's a work in progress.

Toys strewn all over. Boxes upon boxes in the garage. Furniture out of place. You name it. But, we keep plugging away and remain focused on the ultimate goal and all the good that will come with it.

It's hard sometimes to do that though, isn't it?! (At least that's true for me.)

This has been a valuable lesson in patience, and taking things step by step, having the faith that it will turn out in the end. And, that sometimes you have to endure a challenging period before you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And, clearly it's not just about a basement. It's about whatever matters most to you in life. I've always tried to take the attitude...."Just tell me what I have to do today".....when faced with a situation that was rough and wouldn't go away overnight.

Breaking things down into smaller, day to day tasks makes it feel more doable. Even, if feels like you're taking baby a child first learning to walk. I remember my son crawling, then hanging on to the sides of the living room coffee table, then before you know it, letting go and doing his own thing. Walking and running with abandon and delight.

I look at him now....with the big boy swagger that he has. Putting on his sneakers for camp without socks. Shopping at a Carter's outlet with me but not wanting any of the shirts because they're not "cool" enough, in his six year old opinion. Sometimes it feels like he's 6 going on 16.

And, once this basement is done, I have visions of him growing from playdates to hanging out with his teenage friends, doing sleepovers and maybe even having a party down there. It will become his space that will one day leave us full of the memories when we become empty nesters. I know that is a long way off from today, but as I look at the unpainted sheetrock, bare plywood shelves, uncovered cement, I know we're on the verge of making memories down there. It represents way more than a basement. It's life waiting to be lived in a brand new space full of possibility. I look forward to the unfolding.

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