Friday, May 07, 2010

My Son, the Slugger - by Robin

Seth is part of a little league baseball team this spring.

While experts would say sports is good for kids.  And, I'm sure it is.  And, other parents would likely agree.  I have to be totally honest and's so not my thing.

I detest watching baseball.  I find it a slow, boring sport. Yankees.  Mets.  Whatever's all the same to me. I have no interest. ..I'm sorry.

The fact that a 7 year old is asked to play little league three times/week, whether practice or a game, seems excessive to me, and quite a commitment on the part of the parent who has to take them.  This is especially true since weekday games/practice start 5:30/6pm, which is early for those who work. And, I'm not the only parent complaining about this....though they may not admit it in a public forum.

Last week, I took Seth one day after school for a game, and despite rain, they played.  After sitting there holding an umbrella and getting soaked for 40 minutes, I decided I need to have my head examined to endure this, and told Seth I'd meet him in the car in the parking lot.  I was stunned, quite frankly, that they didn't stop the game. And, I was grateful that Seth didn't get sick from it, nor did I.

Since then, I have refused to take him when there is a threat of rain.  If my husband is game, it's in his court.

Today, after school, the weather was great in NY, so Seth and I practiced baseball outside our house.  He's big on amping up his batting these days, so I thought he would enjoy.  It started out well, but suddenly, Seth let one rip, and it hit me square in the mouth.  With incredible force.  I felt a burning sensation and went running into the house in desperate search of a frozen turkey burger to put on my bottom bloody, swollen lip.  I look like I went a round with boxer Mike Tyson.  And, I sound like I have marbles in my mouth.  My husband felt sorry, but pretty much blew it off, saying accidents happen, which is true.  But, that's not making my lip feel any better.

It hurts.  I'm annoyed.  How long will this take to heal?  I don't want to leave the house looking like this.  And, Sunday is Mother's Day.

I know it wasn't Seth's fault.  But, I'm not a sports mom.  And, I don't want to have to become one. 

I guess it goes with the territory, so I need to get used to the fact that team sports will be part of Seth's life.  But, how does a 40 something mom become a fan when she never has been?!

And, do I really have to? Aren't there some things that can be left to father and son?!  Let my husband take him to games and practice with him after school and weekends.  I'll take pictures of them.

If Seth wants to learn tennis, I'll oblige.  I was raised playing tennis by my dad.  And, this past summer, I learned to swim laps, so I'll gladly swim in our neighborhood pool with Seth this summer.

But, otherwise, especially when it comes to group sports, I support his participation, but I would gracefully like to bow out.

If the mood strikes me, and the sun is shining, I might opt to tag along upon occasion and cheer on his team, the Padres.  But, otherwise, I 'll send him off with good wishes and give him a rousing high five when he comes home with stories of how well he and/or his team did.

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Blogger Cara Meyers said...

Oh Robin...the last thing you need right now is a swollen, bloody lip. I'm so sorry.

When we tried all of these competitive type sports with Brandon, we surmised that Brandon is not a competitive sports type of kid (thank goodness!). But when he did go to practice, my husband always took him. If my husband were away and the weather was bad, I blew it off. I think I went once, on a nice day, and Brandon didn't want to play, so we left.

Brandon loves to go golfing with his Grandfather, playing tennis, ice skating, karate, swimming...all activities that COULD become competitive, if he so chooses them to be, but I think he is the type of kid who is competitive within himself. I'm that way, so it doesn't surprise me that he would take on that trait as well.

Too bad Seth doesn't have a passion for gardening like Brandon does. The worst thing that will happen is we'll find a worm!

9:42 AM  
Blogger Amy Wall Lerman said...

It kills me when I go to the park and see little leaguers being treated like mini-me pros. I remember when playing baseball on the local diamond was fun. A bat, a ball and a couple of gloves and we all played and it was a blast. If it drizzled, we hung out. If it poured we went home. Our parents played with us or didn't. What's the deal nowadays? My son will probably be active when he's older, so I'll probably be a sports mom too - and maybe I'll like it but it's totally not my thing either. I hear ya Robin.

6:40 AM  

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