Friday, October 08, 2010

Reinvention by Robin Gorman Newman

I used to be a Vice President at a public relations firm in Manhattan.

I liked my work, and was known to be a supportive boss, generous with my time and knowledge and a respected practitioner.

It felt good.

I had my own home-based practice for some time after leaving that firm, trying to set the stage for motherhood, so I could make my own hours. My goal was to be around for my son and to take on clients on a select basis...those that got my creative juices flowing.

I created a successful business, but ultimately burnt out from it.  I could have had a full-fledged firm, but instead, the universe heard me, and the nature of my business changed, and I ultimately focused on being a writer....promoting my own books How to Meet a Mensch in NY and How to Marry a Mensch (decent person).  I appeared on CNN, The Today Show, Good Day NY, etc.  It was a whole different experience being in front of the camera versus being the one to media train my clients.  But, it was fun, and jumpstarted my career as a Love Coach for Singles.  I went on the lecture circuit and started offering private consultations to help singles lead more successful social lives.  After all, I had met my Mr. Right Mensch, so I wanted to help others do the same.

I still wear this hat, but since becoming a mom, I launched Motherhood Later...Than Sooner.  It was born out of personal need to connect with other later moms like myself.  It did not start out as a business.  But, now that we have a website, chapters worldwide, online communities, four newsletters, bloggers,'s taken on a life of its own.  I'm immensely gratified knowing that I've created a resource/community unlike any other for those parenting later in life. And, while my goal remains that of supporting later moms in their parenting endeavors to the best of my ability, I need to wear the hat of mompreneur as well.  It is vital that secures advertisers, sponsors, partners, etc. who can help sustain our efforts.  Given the huge amount of time it takes me on a daily basis to oversee all aspects of Motherhood Later, I'd welcome the involvement of an ad sales rep and even a potential business partner who, like me, can envision all that is possible with Motherhood Later and is in a position to help take it to the next level.  That would be immensely exciting for me and the  moms we serve!  I remain hopeful that will happen.  Given the distinct and powerful niche and demographic we have cultivated, our audience is a highly desirable one for marketers.

Aside from Motherhood Later, I aspire to write a play (possibly musical) based on my dating books, and when time permits, or really when I give myself permission to focus on it, I pour through my notes and do my best to create characters, write scenes, etc.  While it feels like a daunting project, it would give me immense pleasure to see my work take to the stage.

And, perhaps I have other books in me?  I contemplate this as well.

Maybe write a column?

Have a radio show?  I've thought about that.

Perhaps take on some PR clients?  I'm available to jump back into that arena, especially if a company or individual is looking to target the parenting arena.  This has become an area of expertise for me....though my promotional skills are really quite versatile.

I often feel like I'm in a state of flux.

As my son grows and changes, so do I.  We are reinventing together.

Both  our futures are far from clear. I don't have it all figured out, nor does he.  He has a long way to go before he commits to a career.  At this stage, being a fireman is high on his list.  We'll see how that desire morphs over the years.

For me, I remain open to possibility.  The soul of a creative spirit  is often a restless one.....and I'm in a constant state of searching for the next BIG idea....the one that will truly put me on the map!

Until then, I remain a multi-tasker who struggles to balance motherhood with professional pursuits, as do many of us.

In light of this, I thought it fitting to present to mothers a program that can change lives.  Motherhood Later has partnered with Leslie Evans Thorne, a talented, wise and compassionate Reinvention Coach (and "later" stepmom), who, with us, will be offering a FREE Teleseminar on October 19th, 12noon EST, on the subject of REINVENTING AND RE-ENTERING THE WORKFORCE: 7 SMART STRATEGIES FOR MOMS.  It will shed light on how to:

Putt your passions to work for profit.
Reinvigorate a career that has become stagnant.
Define a new professional path for yourself.
Cultivate your own earnings potential.
Reclaim your identity as a woman...who happens to be a mom.

It is all possible....even if it feels like a huge, unknown balancing act.  But, once you gain clarity, it can be exciting!

I am a big fan of  teleseminars.  They provide easy access to expert information and thoughtful, confidential conversation on the phone, from the comfort of your home or office. Participants may hear one another and join in the discussion, all while learning.

The decision to transition from full-time motherhood to career pursuits, even if part-time, isn't an easy one. It might even feel overwhelming. Where do you start? You're not the same person you were when you left the workforce. You're a mom! And, how to use that to your advantage, even if might not feel like one?! It is possible.

The advice provided in this teleseminar series have the power to change your life forever and create one that feels fulfilling on a variety of levels. We all know that we love our children and wouldn't trade being a mother, but some want and need more. I, personally, look forward to participating in this call.  I  know that Leslie's insight is something I can use and apply to the questions I often ask myself as a woman, mother and professional.

If you have any questions, write to me --  To register, visit  Be sure to sign up TODAY before the call fills up.  And, if you can't be on the line at that time, if you register, you will be emailed a recording which you may listen to any time at your convenience.

And, don't hesitate to invite family and friends.  Dads are welcome as well!

Leslie Evans Thorne has spent over 15 years empowering people to unleash their potential and find work that is meaningful and rewarding. Her specialty is helping women and men leverage themselves in the workplace by incorporating innate talents and abilities with proven skills and experience. Whatever a person's professional aspiration, even if they feel stuck and uncertain, Leslie helps people think out of the box. She has worked with all levels, from CEOs to mailroom clerks, in industries across the board. She is currently writing a book about the workplace of the future and has been seen on CNN.

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