Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 18...Too Too Tired by Liimu

I'm sorry. I wish I had some amazing words of pithy wisdom this week, but I don't. I'm working like crazy (just took on another contract), trying to manage my three children and all their varying degrees of dramatic mayhem (I got a call from the principal AGAIN about my 6 year old, who can't seem to keep her hands off the boys in her pulling in gender reverse...actually, not in gender reverse...she literally was pulling the hair of a boy on her bus). I am just so tired and so pregnant and swollen and just stop the world, I want to get OFF.

I still feel very blessed, don't get me wrong. I feel blessed to be so in-demand as a consultant. I feel blessed to have gotten spontaneously pregnant at the age of 40. I feel blessed to have the life I always dreamed of - a gorgeous husband, three beautiful girls, the house, the car, the friends, the family. But man, oh MAN, am I tired.

That's all for tonight, y'all. I'll try to be more inspiring ... next week.

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