Sunday, December 05, 2010

Chanukah and the passing down of traditions by Cyma Shapiro

One of the many reasons why I wanted to have children was to pass down traditions and create a lineage (I am the last remaining member of the Shapiro’s) for my own family.  On holidays such as Chanukah, I’m reminded of what these days mean for me – a remembrance of my childhood; a passing on of the torch; a reminder of the wonderment of it all; a celebration of both religious and familial practices.

This photo of my son, taken a few years ago, is one of the first cognitive remembrances he has of Chanukah. The sheer joy and delight on his face still takes my breath away.  How much do we all remember, relive, and annually embrace the moments of our own holidays? 

Having children brings long forgotten images back into current daily reality. For times like these, the images are too precious and too yummy to forgo. I hope he remembers this moment when he celebrates with his “tooties,” (translated: children) and his children’s “tooties.” He will, at least, have this photo to refer to.

I want to wish all of you a Happy Holiday and a really wonderful New Year.
My best,

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