Friday, December 17, 2010

Night to Day by Robin Gorman Newman

What a difference a day makes.

This past weekend felt like a whirlwind...and a very cool one at that.

Saturday night, Marc and I attended a swanky black tie affair at the American Museum of Natural History.  One of his wealthy business clients threw himself a 65th birthday bash to remember, and to say it was impressive somehow seems an understatement.

I haven't been to the museum in quite some time....nor have I been dressed to the nines in quite some time.  Panty hose and heels?  Stretch pants and chunky-soled suede sneaker clogs are my daily attire. 

Mingling with adults....and not talking about kids.  Drinking champagne and dining on filet mignon,  surrounded by tusky walrus' and other creatures.  Dancing the night away under the largest whale (suspended from the ceiling) I've ever seen (except for on television).  Hobnobbing with society folk like Jill Zarin of reality tv fame, a star of The Real Housewives of New York City.

It all felt so mature and "Page Six".....and I couldn't soak it in enough.

Various well wishing friends of the birthday boy took to the podium to share stories. It was both humorous and touching.  This is a man who lives fully.  His life saying is Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day, and that's hard to argue with or forget.  To ensure that, each of us was sent home with a souvenir green rubber bracelet emblazoned with the motto.

I didn't want to leave.  It was an outing that few get to share, and who knew if I'd ever attend such a function again?  To think that some of the attendees are likely regulars at this sort of bash tweaked some pangs of jealousy in me.  Not that I aspire to go black tie on a regular basis, but what I did appreciate was feeling pampered, and having a new experience.

Swtich gears and fast foward.  Less than 24 hours later, I was back in the familiar black stretch pants and a baggy sweater.....smushing blue icing with my freshly self-manicured nails onto the roof of an aromatic, freshly-baked gingerbread house.  Seth and I took a gingerbread house decorating class with Lil Chefs, and while a far cry from my night on the town, we had fun together.  Chef Paula who ran the program did a great job.  Marshmallows...big and small.  Gum drops.  M and Ms.  Pretzels.  Candy canes...big and small.  Twizzlers. Colored Cheerios.  Starburst fruit chews.  You name it.  It was all available for the picking.  Seth and I filled up his plate and went to town.

I loved observing him so focused and at work.  He dove right into the project with gusto, as did his fingers, sleeves, pants, etc.  Icing was everywhere, but it was worth it.   Waffle pretzel windows. Gumdrop snowmen.  Candycane chimney.  Twizzler fences.  His house took on a life of its own, and for me, it was a memorable mother-son activity.  I'm not one for playing spy or many of the other inventive games he often likes to engage in at home.  But, crafts and anything artsy is totally up my alley.

Parenting a boy is sometimes a challenge for me.  I was a girly girl growing up, and I was all about Barbie dolls, etc.  So, when Seth and I can find an activity we both embrace, it's icing on the cake (or gingerbread house).

Today, in fact, after school, we will have a full house.  I'm hosting a two hour soap-carving workshop with a retired, local wood carver I stumbled upon.  He loves working with kids, but suggested soap, for those under 10.  I am totally looking forward to it, despite the mess that will no doubt result.  It's a lot of work coming up with special activities and experiences that excite my son and I, but it's worth the effort.

There are times when being a mom feels like a total Jekyl-Hyde experience.  One day, you're the black tie bell of the ball, and the next you're knee deep in blue icing or soap flakes.  It all comes with the territory.  My gown is neatly hung away at the moment, but I have the photos and video and memory etched in my multi-tasking mommy mind.  The every day life of a mother with a young child is far from "Page Six" unless you're a celebrity mom.  For most of us living in the trenches, it is the new, feel good experiences we have, whether we create them or get invited to them, that remind us that life is an adventure for the taking,  It's what we allow ourselves to make of it, despite changing diapers, running errands, planning playdates, etc.  We need to do our best to take some time for ourselves to discover what gets us excited and makes life worth living.

What can you do that feels good?

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