Wednesday, August 03, 2011

On This Day You Were Born... - By Cara Potapshyn Meyers

You were born exactly 8 years ago today at 8:15 pm. You came into this world wailing a hearty cry. I could not see nor speak. Still, I knew at that moment that you had a very strong, tenacious trait. After being “stuck,” back facing, in the birth canal, with 4 hours of pushing, you still had an Apgar score of 9.5. I knew it then and I know it now. You are a survivor.
Your determined and persistent manner was still evident through your colic and your tantrums. To me, it was a “sign”: An unmet need; A desire unfulfilled; An intellect that just didn’t understand why you couldn’t have what you wanted or do or what you desired. I “heard” you time and time again, “But don’t you understand?? I can do it!” Sometimes I let you, “follow your intuition.” To my knowledge, you never overestimated yourself. This gave me the assurance to let you spread your wings even more. Others scolded me for listening to my intuition about you. But we were as one. We always have been. We always will be.
There was, and remains, a certain “precociousness” about you. Yet at age four I innately  picked up on your first disorder. At age 5, I picked up on a second. Again, at age 6, a third. And recently a fourth was discovered. You are a fighter. I have every confidence that you will overcome each and every one of these disorders either with special guidance or through my own steadfast advocacy. For some of them you will find your own way to compensate or overcome. I have no doubt that you will succeed in what ever way possible. I know you. You will make it happen!
My precious son, you have the most diverse character of anyone I’ve ever known. I could list 1,000 attributes. The ones that truly shine are your kindness, compassion, and respect for others. Your assertiveness in dealing with others who are inconsiderate is unprecedented. I have never seen you become aggressive towards anyone. Not even at age 2 when another 2 year-old would come over and take the toy you were playing with out of your hands. You are also the MOST social person I know! I never worry about you making friends or finding a playmate. Others are drawn to you just as you are drawn to them. This quality in you is remarkable. It makes me envious. Your nature fascinates me. I study you to see if I can learn some of your “social graces.” I’ve discovered that it is uniquely a part of you. It brings me pride and joy to see you so comfortable with your peers and with yourself.
Over this past year, I have had snippets of conversation with you that have blown me away or left my mouth agape. Your question to me as to who’s picture is on a $100 bill. I didn’t know. You told me. I had to google it to see if you were right. You were. Our discussion about the four chambers of the heart astounded me. When you asked me about the polarization of magnets, I almost fell over. Yet still, with your literary disorders, you can barely read the word “heart” let alone spell it. This breaks my own heart. But any child with your pertinaciousness will not only learn to read and write “heart” some day, you just might be an expert on one in the future. For this, I have no doubt.
Your physical talents are equally strong as your mind. You have a natural predisposition for so many physical activities. Yet, it is impossible to nurture them all. Right now you have chosen karate and swimming to excel at. I personally think you would be a phenomenal gymnast. There will be other options as you grow older. I could bet money you will spend your summers as a lifeguard! No matter how much sunscreen SPF 70 we slather on you, your skin tans to bronze. And I pay good money to get highlights in my hair that you get naturally from the sun each summer! You are my son, and you are gorgeous! The beauty that shines from your inside is also just as strong as the sun!
Eight years have passed by so quickly. However our future holds some rocky turf ahead. It will initially will be rough, as you also carry quite a bit of sensitivity in you. Once we shed our tears and hold each other tight, you will march on and hold your head up high. My shoulder will always be there should you need to rest it and rejuvenate yourself. Then off you will go, like a bird that has found it’s wings.
Fly, my sweet child, fly! I will always be at the nest should you need to rest those astouding wings!

This blog is dedicated to my absolutely sensational son, Brandon! Happy 8th Birthday, Sweetheart! May you continue to embrace life with both hands and feel each moment fully! You are my pride, my love, my world, my own special gift! I will never be able to express how deep the love I have for you is. May that love continue to grow exponentially, forever!

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