Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To Have or Have Not..........A Nanny

I admit it. I'm spoiled. We've had a live-in nanny with us since Seth was born, so I'm used to having at least some level of flexibility with my schedule. This week, our nanny has been out ill, and we don't know when she is coming back....and I'm not a happy camper. On top of it, my husband is traveling on business now, so some days, it's all me....and that means my day stops at 2:30PM when nursery school ends.

Since I am so not a morning person, I feel like I'm walking around in a bit of a fog, trying to adjust to setting my alarm to get Seth off to school. It reminds me of the fulltime working professional I used to be, in what now feels like another life. It was a pre-motherhood chapter that doesn't even seem like it was me. There was a time, yes, when I awoke before daybreak and commuted in NYC, didn't complain....except about my bosses. So, why am I fighting the alarm now?

Guess I like feeling entitled to sleep in a bit if I'm able. Is that so awful? I know plenty of moms heed the crying call of a baby at all hours.....but now that my son is four, I've been there, done that....and like my morning chill time.

So.....what do we do now? Try to find a new nanny who doesn't live in? (I'm not overly inclined to adjust to a new live-in) And, if so, for what hours? Can I bite the alarm bullet and reluctantly rise to the occasion myself in the AM? But, then what happens after school?

Stay tuned................


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