Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother Load

I saw a very cute Off Broadway show in NYC this week called Mother Load. Very cleverly written by a mom of two and a third on the way, it was a one woman piece about the trials 'n tribulations (and everything in between) of parenting.

Full of was at the same time quite poignant.....and makes you realize how as moms we try to do so very much. Even before we become a parent, we have expectations of how we think IT will be...and how we think WE'LL be. As much as one tries to anticipate, babies don't come with manuals, as they say, and we learn as we go along. And, no two moms parent the same.

Some days turn out better than others. Some nights we get more sleep. Some days our decisions feel right on. Other times, we fly by the seat of our pants, and that's okay too. That is the point. There is no right or wrong. And, if we strive for perfection, we will lose our sanity in the process. (Not that I don't try.)

With Mother's Day approaching, I hope, if even for a day, we can cut ourselves some slack and recognize that moms are people too....with our own hopes, dream, imperfections, etc. My beloved mom used to say -- everyday should be Mother's Day.

Seeing Mother Load made me stop and pause about how very fast our children do grow up. And, with all the empty nester coverage on television these days, I feel like I should cradle Seth in my arms to keep him young forever.

Despite my frustration with him at times.....he is my little buddy.....and while flowers and dinner would be nice on Mother's Day....I'd actually be grateful for a big hug and a poop in the potty. Reaching that milestone would certainly be cause for celebration...and it would be something I'll never forget!!


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