Sunday, April 01, 2007

Confessions of a Night Owl

I have never been a morning person. So...I ask this....Is it possible to become one after 40+ years of mostly relying on my inner clock vs. alarm clock?

We got invited to a four year old's birthday party today that started at 10AM....and for me, it was killer to hustle and get there relatively on time.

I love being a night owl and always have. I could stay up past midnight in a heart beat. And, as a writer, I find that my creative juices often flow best in the late hours.

But, my son and I are not in sync. He typically gets up around 7AM, give or take. During the week, our live-in nanny attends to him.....and I am super grateful for that. But, we will not have a nanny forever....and sooner or later, I will have to rise to the it or not.

So....other than going to bed earlier....I ask... what can one do to transform themself into a chipper morning person? And....let's add to that that I don't drink coffee.

I actually got an idea at the kid's party today. One of the moms was discussing how their child ate little for breakfast before the party but made sure to have their morning chocolate milk. Suddenly, it gave me a thought. What if I had chocolate milk for breakfast? That's one way to get some caffeine in my system. I could go the Nestle's syrup route. Or maybe a little Yoo Hoo? (Used to love that as a kid.) Or.....hmmmmm......maybe I should go the healthy chocolate soy milk route? I would that taste in my Special K?

Suddenly breakfast and the morning might be sounding a bit more appealing..........I can try to give it a shot.


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