Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Shot in the Arm!

Seth had his four year physical yesterday, and while the report was, thankfully, a good one, he got a shot in his of the required vaccinations for his age. I felt so badly for him. It took me back to my childhood and reminded me of how much I hated needles...and doctors, for that matter. (Some things don't change.)

Seth actually likes his pediatrician, though I'm not sure if he will after this visit. He has gotten shots before, but it's been some time, so he forgot what it's like. I, however, didn't forget. It's amazing how, as a mom, you feel your child's pain and want to immediately alleviate it. I would have gladly taken the shot for him, if that was an option.

This is only the beginning of his route to good health care, so there will be other shots in his future.

At least he got his favorite cherry lollipop afterwards, and it is amazing the healing power of sugar. Suddenly, his arm didn't hurt much anymore.


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