Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Memory Lane

Just returned from a moms night out dinner with the NY Motherhood Later....Than Sooner group. What a fun time...and a trip down memory lane in some regards. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

We got on the subject of our lives before marriage and children (yes we had lives)....shared how we met our husbands and things we used to enjoy doing back in our single days.

I find it interesting how each phase of life has distinct challenges. We discussed the uncertainty of singlehood and wondering when we'd get married....if we'd get married....then wanting to have a family....and some having fertility challenges.

How some days we yearn for those simpler, yet uncertain times, again. That there is something to be said for the independent choices you can make as a single person...and the peace and quiet that is more readily available.

Yet, none of us, of course, would seriously turn back the hands of time to our pre- momhood days because then we wouldn't have the "little lights of our lives". Yet...we do deserve to remember who we once were and to have the opportunity to "bust loose" so to speak, even if at an occasional moms night out dinner.

So....here's to future fun times....with and without children.....and to never losing the kidlike spirit in all of us that may at times feel dormant. A night out with the gals with some good heart-to-heart chatter and belly laughs can truly be time well spent.


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