Thursday, January 10, 2008

Camp Confusion

We are in the midst of winter here in New York, yet we're shopping around for summer camp for Seth.

It's hard to even think that far ahead when I'm trekking around in my winter coat. Why do these camps book up so early? Is it that we parents play into the convincing sell that some of them present to get us to quake in our snowboots that our child might be shutout if we don't secure a spot?

Last year Seth went to the Samuel Field Y camp, and it served him well. No bells 'n whistles, but it was his first camp experience, and he enjoyed.

He has aged out of that camp, so we need to explore other options. Unfortunately, as affordable as the Y was is as pricey as most other camps are. Camps are a big ticket item and therefore a big decision.

We've thus far toured three....and plan to attend an open house of a fourth this weekend. I had in mind that that would likely be the one with go with...but tonight...after speaking with a friend at the gym, I'm now thinking that might not be an obvious decision. She said that you get what you pay for...and since Seth will be five this important age, according to my friend who has two grown girls in their 20s...that now is the time to invest in a top notch camp where he will master swimming. Her daughters both wound up as summer lifeguards and on the diving team at their respective schools because their camp experience turned them into "fish," she emphasized.

I'd like Seth to be a "fish"...but does it have to cost between $5 - $6K/summer to make that happen? Who knows?! What a business these camps have going! Seth got a stuffed dog from one with a t-shirt from the camp. He got a bag full of goodies from another, along with his photo posted on a penant with their name on it. They're all about marketing and know how to get their name out there, whether you register for the camp or not.

Not sure what we're going to do yet. We'll see how the open house goes on Sunday.

What is your feeling about summer camp for kids, at the age of 5?

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Blogger Chris said...

I remember when I was about that age I went to my first summer camp and it was a wonderful experience. I think I was a little bit older than he is but the right summer camp will be something he will never forget. Although it’s not camp, I work with the NY Kids Club and we have a lot of exciting programs for kids: martial arts, rock climbing, hip-hop dance, kickboxing as well as cooking classes. I suggest that you come to our FreePlayDay on Jan 11th and 18th for this coming semesters classes that begin on the 21st and of course bring the kids!.
Good Luck with your search!

Chris Turner

4:07 AM  
Blogger Robin Gorman Newman said...

Sounds cool....thanks for the heads-up about the program

8:40 AM  

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