Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birthday Boy

Seth turned 6 this week.

I went to his school and had a birthday party for him in his classroom. It was so sweet.

He loved wearing his cool Birthday Boy cap that I had made up for him, and helped me dish out the cupcakes and cookies for his classmates.

He's such a big boy now...where does time go?

A friend emailed me a photo of herself with Seth that was taken when he was an infant. It was the cutest thing. When I look at him now, it's hard to believe he was once a baby I cradled.

I found the infant years very challenging, and much prefer him spending time with him as a young boy, but I don't want him to be 16 tomorrow.

Don't grow up too little guy.

I love being able to give him a squeeze and have him come running when I walk into the house, as he commands a "jump hug." I adore that.

I love that he sleeps cradling his beloved teddy bear, despite that it barely has any fuzz anymore. He's picked much of it off.

I love that he wants me to lay with him when he is fighting going to sleep.

I love that he wants to crawl into my bed with me and watch American Idol or the Discovery channel.

I love that he wants me to watch him play so I can see the cool creations he comes up with if he's using Legos, etc.

I love when he reaches for my hand as we cross the street safely.

I love that he throws me air kisses and likes to rub my back (without my asking).

I love that he's sincerely concerned if I'm not feeling 100 percent.

I love his enthusiasm for life.

Most of all..I love the little person he has become and continues to become. I couldn't be prouder of him. He is big-hearted, kind, caring, sensitive...etc....too much to detail. I'm grateful to be his mom and have the opportunity to shape him as the years go on. He's a little spark of sunshine in my life (most of the time...not when I'm having a mommy meltdown), but nothing touches my heart more than his huge chesire cat smile. I hope he'll always retain his joy, despite the demands of the world.



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