Friday, April 23, 2010

Discipline -- by Robin

My husband and I got in to a spat this past week re: discipline.

Seth wasn't doing good listening, and in a heated moment of weakness, Marc lost control and hit him. Not hard. But, with anger.

Both Seth and I were in shock. And, Seth cried. More, I think, because he was taken aback than from actual pain.

But, I was pained.

My husband was raised by a father (may he rest in peace), who would sometimes take a belt to him and his younger brother. Leather...not cloth.

I can't imagine being chased by a belt, not to mention being potentially hit with one.

Where does this discpline approach come from? Is it passed down from the generations? Did my father-in-law's father hit him with a belt? And, when does it stop?

As far as I'm concerned, it stops right our household.

What lesson does hitting impart? Not one I choose to endorse.

I spoke with my own senior dad about it who admitted that my sister and I were sometimes spanked, though I honestly don't recall. So, I'm sure it wasn't a frequent scenario. But, still..........

What message does hitting send to a child?

Do you want your child to learn that it's ok to hit? And who? Other children? Their own children should they grow up and become a parent?

Do you want your legacy with your child to be that of a parent who couldn't control their temper and used physical force to get their point across? What will your child remember more? Your point or your blow?

I have moments when Seth pushes my buttons and I have to walk away and take a deep breath. But, I endeavor as much as possible not to yell at him and I would certainly never take a hand or belt or any other body part or blunt object to him. And, particularly as he matures and gains strength, I wouldn't want him to do it to me. Striking is not an option in our home.

While he apologized to Seth, and Seth to him, I shared with Marc that I never want to witness a repeat episode.

I recognize that discipline isn't the easiest and sometimes we don't know what to do, but almost anything is better than laying a hand on your child.

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