Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reverse Snooze by Liimu

For the third week in a row, I am behind the 8 ball with my blogging for Motherhood Later. (I probably should mention that I am finding my own blogs are written nearly a month apart these days, if not more.) It looks like it's time for me to try a little trick I use with myself all the time. Reverse Snooze.

The clocks around me are all set a wee bit fast. In the car, three minutes. In my daughters' room, 5 minutes. In the kitchen, 2 minutes. My watch, 4 minutes. Just enough to keep me from being late anywhere but not so much that I catch on to my little ploy. (I used to keep my car clock 15 minutes fast, but then I just automatically reset the time in my head, so I still ended up being late.)

When I have band practice, I tell everyone else a half hour later than I put in my own calendar. That way, I'm sure to be on time. For my daughter's swim meets, I intentionally remember the time to be 15 minutes earlier than her set practice start time (which is 15 minutes earlier than the meet start) and we still end up getting there 10 minutes before it starts.

This is not a skill I'm proud to have honed over the years. Truthfully, it is a result of the fact that the women in my family squeeze every bit of productivity out of every single minutes of the day, and we continually underestimate how long it takes to get something done (or I should say I do, anyway). With a To Do list as long as mine, nothing frustrates me more than waiting 20 minutes in a doctor's office or in line to get my car inspected. Do you know how much I could accomplish in 20 minutes (says my overscheduled inner crazy woman)?

So even though I know that the ultimate goal would be to slow down and create more space in my life so I don't feel so overcommitted each day (something that has been on my Life To Do list for about 5 years), this blog is important to me so, I think it's time to put Reverse Snooze in play. Hence, I need to queue up some blog posts, so I don't get behind the 8 ball ever again. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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