Friday, November 05, 2010

Friendship of a Lifetime by Robin Gorman Newman

Seth was off Tuesday for Election Day, and we had a playdate here with his best buddy Nathan.  It's been some time since they got together here, since over the summer, we hosted various playdates at our community pool.

His mom dropped him off, and they proceeded to first play upstairs, then gradually made their way to the basement.   There, Seth played Wii, and Nathan perused the spacious closets full of toys and entertained himself.  Things were going swimmingly for some time, until the both of them wound up in my home office proclaiming they were bored.  Seth was armed with his tool kit in hand, asking me what needed fixing in the house.  I wasn't keen on going that route for my little Bob the Builder and his willing assistant, so I had to think fast.

Bored?  How could they truly be bored?  We don't lack for toys and means of entertainment.  Perhaps they were actually in toy overload and couldn't focus?  It was all likely becoming one big blur of legos, megablocks, fire trucks, spy kits, space vehicles, power rangers, rescue heroes, game boys, etc.  You name it.

Recalling that I've learned to keep on hand in the pantry various mixes for cookies, muffins and brownies.....Seth has always loved to help in the kitchen....I quickly proposed we bake.  They jumped on the opportunity, and Duncan Hines chocolate chip cookies won out.  While fun, this took all of 15 minutes (not counting the oven and eating time).  Then what? 

Nathan loves to write (he knows I'm an author), and Seth likes to draw, so I proposed we create books.  Armed with stapler in hand, paper, etc., they sat down at the kitchen table (after licking off the cookie dough spoons), and put pen to paper.  After another 15 minutes, they were ready to move on.

I wasn't sure what to propose at this point....until a moment of inspiration.  The two of them started bantering back 'n forth about how they met.  I was so intrigued by their dynamic, that I whipped out my FLIP video camera (which I adore) and told them we were going to make a movie about the history of their friendship.  They've known each other since they were 4 (they're now 7), and theirs is a charming friendship.  I'd like to share it with you (see below).  And, I'd like to recommend that you consider filming your children interacting with their friends, etc.....and be spontaneous....some of the most precious moments can be captured at the drop of a hat, and I'm grateful to have preserved this time between them.  It doesn't always have to be a birthday or momentous occasion when we break out the video camera.

They both had a blast doing it.  And, it reminded me of my childhood friendship with Audrey, who is still a close friend today.  We both recently celebrated our 50th birthdays,  and we've been good friends since kindergarten.  There's nothing that truly compares to a childhood friend who knew you "then."  While I welcome new, empowering friendships, having a history with someone means a lot.  She knew me when I had childhood dreams.  She knew me when I learned to ride a bike.  She knew me when I felt unpopular in Kindergarten.  She knew my crushes on boys.  She knew my breakouts.  She knew when I first got my period. She knew my mom before she passed away, and I knew hers.  She knew the dynamic of my family as I was growing up.  We went to the same college (had different roomates).  We traveled overseas together.  We socialized as singles (she's still single). It's hard to believe decades have passed.  Lots of memories.  She's like an "aunt" to Seth, and I'm so glad they have that relationship.

As I watched Seth and Nathan, I wondered if their friendship will be one of longevity.  It would certainly be nice for both of them.  And, it would be cool to see how they mature and grow into the men they are meant to be.  Time goes fast, and they may not follow in each other's footsteps.  But, I'll always have the FLIP video of the day the two of them talked about how they came to be friends.  And, hopefully in years to come, they'll look back on it as be grateful they still have each other, as I do my special childhood friend. -- click link to watch video

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Blogger Cara Meyers said...

So cute! I have a best friend I've known since age 15 and she is a single Mom with an adopted 7 year old son. Brandon calls her "Aunt" also and thinks her son is his cousin! It is wonderful to see friendships emerge like that!

And I am so impressed that you have a Flip Video Recorder!! I have one also, but the screen is so small that I use either my video on my phone or my camera. But your idea about taping candid moments is a great idea! I have footage of Brandon "mowing the lawn" with his bubble lawn mower when he was 2 and my father was still alive. It shows him mowing to my Dad, turning the mower around, stopping at the end of the walkway, turning around and mowing back to my Dad. Priceless!

5:59 AM  

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