Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 2 - Birthdays and Bloodwork by Liimu

We have eight, count them, eight birthdays in September. And I hate to admit that birthdays are pretty much sugar all day long in our house, from the donut with a candle the birthday girl/boy gets first thing in the morning all the way through to the cake of their choice at night. I have resisted the temptation throughout all these birthdays but I swear I came close tonight. Cold Stone Creamery actually makes a cake with whatever candy you want inside the ice cream. I call it "Devil Cake.".

Despite my resolve, my second weigh in was anti-climactic to say the least. I don't know if it's because I am what they call AMA (advanced maternal age) or if there's something wrong with my thyroid (I had bloodwork this morning and should know for sure by the weekend) or if the nibbles of pretzel goldfish here and there are wreaking more havoc on my program than I'd like to admit. All I know is that I had my baby over six months ago and I have lost a grand total of 30 pounds and that is including the initial post partum loss of 17 pounds. So in five months I have lost a whopping 13 pounds. That stinks. After my other kids, I lost that in a month. The last time I worked with this online trainer, I lost twice that in a month. So I am frustrated to say the least.

That's the bad news. The good news is that my eldest daughter is paying close attention and making some good choices of her own. She gave up the last bit of donut this morning (first time for everything) and she even said that next year she wants to have fruit instead of cake, I told her we didn't have to be extreme, that it's ok to have cake every once in awhile. Her response, "But mom, fruit tastes really good!"

So, maybe this new healthy lifestyle of mine (which is what I call it, rather than a "diet") is having some positive influence I hadn't even foreseen going into it. Either way, there's no turning back now. I am committed to this thing until I get my cute little body back. (Though I do secretly hope maybe something's wrong with my thyroid that good old-fashioned western medicine can fix.)

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