Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Post-Partum Weight Loss Journey by Liimu - Week 4

Well, we are in week 4 of this weight-loss journey and I am AMAZED at how the Universe is providing me with so much to support my success! First, I've decided to provide an update on how I'm tracking to target on a monthly basis. It's week 4, so it's time for an update!

Week 4 loss: 5 pounds

Post-partum pounds left to lose: 40 pounds (P-40 and counting...)

Second, big thanks to Robin Gorman-Newman for giving me this vehicle to say accountable at a very public level. It definitely has helped me to right my boat when it's tipped over during this process. I can say with conviction that I am now sailing along downstream toward my beautiful, pre-pregnancy body (or better). Not only has this blog been an essential part of my success, but Robin has also pointed me in the direction of wonderful products that I'm given the opportunity to review to see how they may help me along the way.

One product I am so incredibly excited to have been given the chance to review is the BodyMedia FIT armband. The FIT armband is a wearable armband that tracks calories, activity and sleep patterns, and it has an online activity manager that measures calories burned and calories consumed, sleep patterns, steps taken, it tracks all that to the overall goals set to keep me on track to my goal of being at goal at just about the same time Max celebrates his first birthday.

I LOVE IT! It is SO me. While the site wasn't entirely intuitive and the quick reference guide didn't give much help in how to use the Activity Manager online (it was more focused on how to get started), I did finally figure it out by using the online tutorial and now I am hooked! I have customized my activity goals to match how much I generally work out so I'm realistic about how much I need to eat, calorie-wise, and I sync up with the activity manager a few times a day to make sure I'm staying on track with my goals. It took a little while to get used to having an armband on all the time (and I felt like a bit of a dork at the gym because I had the armband on one arm and the iPhone on the other) but I slept in it last night and it didn't bother me, and for the most part I can forget I have it on now that I've gotten used to it. And, it's slim enough that you can't see it under my clothes, so now that we're in colder weather I'm pretty much the only one who will know I have it on.

What I plan to do is have a BodyMedia FIT update every week to let you know how I'm doing with staying on track with my BodyMedia FIT goals, and then we'll see how that aligns with the success I'm having on the scale. All in all, I am REALLY psyched to have the opportunity to try this out. I knew when I saw the Biggest Loser contestants wearing something similar that I would be hooked if I ever got the opportunity to try something like it, and dang if I wasn't right! If you want to learn more about it, or if you want to get your own, go to or click here.

OK, the other thing I want to share with you guys is what a wonderful experience this has been for my family. I shared last week that my daughter said she wants fruit for her next birthday. This week, she said she wants to start to eat healthier on the weekend, and even admitted that she loves cucumbers and if I cut some up she'd eat them as an after-school snack. I made it a point to cut up cucumbers and put them in a baggie the very next day. She has yet to eat them, but I still feel like it's progress. Maybe I'll see if she wants some for her school snack today.

Well, that's all for now. Time to finish syncing the armband, wake the kids, run four miles and then get off to work. I look forward to giving you next week's update - hope to see you then!

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Blogger Ashley said...

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Blogger daniellaprice30 said...

That arm band is an amazing gadget because you'd know how much calories you've gained. Being aware helps you more motivated to lose weight.

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