Friday, May 25, 2007

The Parenting Road Ahead.....

This week I truly felt like I have only just begun on the road to parenting.

Seth wound up in the ER of the hospital one night, and it brought up emotions I didn't know I had as a mom. He woke up with a fever very suddenly, compromised breathing, and a barking cough that sounded something like a seal. He was hysterical, and I nearly broke out in tears.

Two hours later, we learned he has croupe...thankfully nothing serious, but challenging until it goes away....and contagious. So, he's been home from school most of this week. Keeping a sick, irritable four year old engaged is surely not an easy feat.

After we got home from the hospital and I went to bed at 4AM, I started to think about the road that lays ahead. This is surely just the beginning of the challenges we may face with Seth, and I need to get tough. He is an active child, and I could easily envision him on the football team as he gets older.....and I have to be prepared for injuries, etc.

I am so grateful that he is in good health, otherwise, and my heart really goes out to those who are dealing with children with serious illnesses and challenges. I have always felt that way....but getting a small dose of the hospital experience with Seth made me that much more conscious of the fragility of life....even a childs. Being a 40 something mom, especially, we expect to one day lose our parents, but we don't think of losing our children.

So....while I'm a bit of a zombie this week from the lack of sleep and anxiety, I am hugging Seth a little bit tighter, and am more grateful than ever to have my little buddy.


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