Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jo Bros Fan Here

I'm 48....going on 18.....going on 8.

I admit it. I like the Jonas Brothers.

Some of my mom friends don't know who they are...which I find a little hard to believe. Do you?

But, if you're the mother of a would-be 6 year old rocker boy, as I am, you surely do know them.

Tonight we went to see their new 3D movie, and I have to say, it was cool.

Joe Jonas is the heartthrob lead singer. Nick has a really interesting, unique voice. And, Kevin, I don't know quite what to make of him. But, together they are a musical force with legions of fans I image worldwide.....including me and Seth.

I also like High School Musical.

And, I must admit, Miley Cyrus kinda appeals to me to.

And, I'm addicted to American Idol. My son came home one day this week from kindergarten and told me the kids in his class were talking about American Idol.

I feel like teeny bopper again. Wish I was one, chronically too. That would be fun.

I do appreciate keeping up with these pop cultural wunderkids thanks to my son.

Were it not for him, though I'd know of these performers, I'd likely not be buying their CDs.

Seth went to bed tonight listening to the Jo Bros CD, and I was running through scenes from the movie in my head.

What's up next? I don't know.....but I do know I'll be tuning in this week to see how the 13 contestants make out with Simon, Paula, Randy and Kara.

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