Thursday, March 05, 2009

Snow Angels

Monday was a snow day for Seth, and he couldn't be more thrilled about it.

My reaction wasn't exactly the same.

While I was SO hoping that my snow boats could be retired for the season, the weather man had other things in mind.

I have never loved snow. It's cold. Wet. Messy. Slick roads....hard to drive in. Requires shoveling. Turns to ice. etc. etc.

It was interesting, though. More than one friend emailed me after the storm and wrote "enjoy the snow."

I I missing something?! Enjoy it? I don't ski. We don't have a sled or inner tube. Sure, I could build a snowman with Seth, but I don't have ski gloves. I could make snow angels, but only have wool coats.

Am I a snow party poop? Perhaps.......

I did take pleasure in the pleasure Seth took from it.

He couldn't get out there fast enough to shovel. Chomp away at the ice. Jump as high as he could to break off icicles hanging from tree branches. Lay himself down in the snow and make angels.

He even dove face down into it when the snowfall was fresh. He emerged all rosy cheeked and a bit frozen, but didn't lose a beat.

He was so full of life and spirit and didn't care how cold or wet he got. Afterall, snow doesn't happen every day (thankfully, from my perspective).

There is something to be said for playing with abandon, and not overthinking.

Sometimes, as a 40-something mom, I do feel that I get caught up in the potential aftermath of taking certain actions. Know what I mean?

In this case....I'd have to change my clothes. Drag messy boots in the house. Wipe up the wet floor. etc. etc.

I guess, in the scheme of things, who cares?!

Life, despite its responsibilities, is supposed to be fun. I have written before that I don't do enough of that. And, who plays better than a child?! I could learn that from Seth. This is what they say helps keep you young....or at least young at heart. I want some of that!!

Maybe next year I'll buy myself a ski jacket and gloves, and go for it! I should actually look now....they'll probably be on sale.

I've always loved hot chocolate, and I could look forward to that after my jaunt in the snow! And, no doubt, Seth would gladly join me in a cup.....he'd want his with marshmallows.

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