Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week 31...Sick and Tired by Liimu

I'm sorry if this post isn't as long as usual. Sorry if I can't go on and on about how sick and tired I am of people being sick and tired.

I had hoped that this last couple of months would be about looking forward to the baby arriving. And truthfully, I am starting to prepare the room (finally) and that is fun. But for the last month, my husband and kids have all been rotating through various forms of sickness. First, a stomach bug that had even me sequestered to the bathroom the better part of two days, then tore through the rest of my family.

Then, we took off for what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation in Arizona. Let's not even talk about the irony of the weather being warmer and sunnier here in Philadelphia than it was in snowed, for God's sake. Then, my husband got some weird illness that left him unconscious and out of it for three of the four days we were gone.

Last weekend, my 6-year old woke with a 102-degree fever, which she has yet to shake. It spread to my 4-year old and in the middle of it all my husband apparently contracted a sinus infection.

Ok, I was never thinking that I would be treated like an invalid during this pregnancy, but I had been looking forward to slowing down and resting a bit in preparation for this huge, life-altering event. And by slowing down, I didn't mean going to the doctor's office once or twice a week showcasing some new family ailment.

Anyway, I'm even sick of hearing myself complain about all this, so I'm just going to end with a prayer.

Please, God, heal this family. And please do it soon before I lose what's left of my mind.

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Blogger Unknown said...

good luck and good health. We just went through a month of the norovirus and hospitalizations. It seems to never end, until it does.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Robin Gorman Newman said...

Sending healing vibes..... xo

7:03 PM  

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