Friday, June 24, 2011

Life Lesson - by Robin Gorman Newman

The Rolling Stones got that right in their rock classic, "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

Seth experienced this first hand recently, and it was a valuable reminder lesson for me as well and something I appreciated sharing with him.

We had tickets to see Gazillion Bubble Show for the third time in New York City....yes....we've become groupies!  And, if you haven't seen it, it's a fun family outing.  I've even gone with girlfriends who enjoyed it, so you don't have to be a mom to have a good time.

Marc drove to work in the city, so we'd have the car for the return trip home in the evening.  Seth and I were at the pool in afternoon and left early to take the Long Island Railroad to Manhattan.  When we got to the platform, there were hoards of people. Immediately I thought something is going on.  We heard an announcement that an earlier train was delayed, so we figured that was the problem. But, it was bigger than that.  Due to a heavy rain and thunder storm earlier in the day, there were electrical problems at our station.  We kept hearing announcements that trains were to arrive on time (which were clearly programmed before the problems), because ultimately they announced service was suspended.  We waited for over an hour with the hope that things would resume, but it didn't happen, and by then, it was rush hour and too late to consider any alternate mode of getting into the city.  We would not have made the show on time.

I called Marc, and my friend who was to join us, to say the show was a "wash", and we'd try to reschedule.  Seth started to cry and refused to throw in the towel.  I gave him credit for holding out for hope, but clearly the situation wasn't good.

I quickly came up with an alternate visit Game Stop....he had wanted to pick up Game Boy games using a Gift Card he received.  This proved a good distraction, but the situation prompted a talk that became a life lesson.

I explained to Seth that life has disappointments.  Things don't always work out as we plan.  It's important to be flexible, and keep the faith that if one thing doesn't come to fruition, something else will. 

I've always believed  we don't necessarily know why certain things happen, good or bad, but the universe has a plan.  It gives me comfort.  Especially when I'm in the gray.  And, isn't that life in general?  No one has a crystal ball, and while we might feel at times we'd like one, other times, going with the flow is the best and only viable course of action.

While I know we will have the opportunity to take in GAZILLION BUBBLE SHOW on another date, I hope Seth will take away the postive message I iintended. It will serve him well in life, as it continues to serve me.

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