Saturday, January 07, 2012

Victim of the Zumba Infomercial by Sharon O'Donnell

Okay, I just ordered the Zumba dance exercise package. Damn, I hate when I happen to come upon an exercise or wrinkle cream infomercial. The words 'gullible' & 'susceptible' come to mind. I've always liked to dance, but I've never found an exercise routine that I like, but I have to admit the Zumba one looks fun. Sure, I know there are Zumba classes, but I'm not about to get out there where other people can see me and make a fool of myself trying to learn the steps. The privacy of my own home sounds good to me, so bring on the DVDS.

I ordered it on-line so nobody in my family would hear me order it and give me a hard time. I'm sure they'd remind me of the rarely used exercise bike by my bed that I really plan on using a lot SOMEDAY but for right now makes a great clothes hanger. Of course, I feel a little guilty about this order because I know there is a never-used Core Sculptor contraption with cords and such in the bottom of my closet. It looked so good on TV a few years ago, but in reality -- not so much.

But this is dancing, right? And I like dancing, right. (I think I'm still trying to convince myself that I did the right thing.) And I ordered if off Amazon, not from the main site, so I saved some money, right? I've always liked to do that 50s dance, the Twist, because I think that is one of the best exercise moves around, and Zumba looks even more effective. I even got up and danced during the infomercial. Hey, that's a good sign that I'll use it, right? I know when the day to day life responsibilities call that it'll be tough to still want to work out, but I will think of it as dancing, and that will make it fun, right?

So we shall see. And no this wasn't a New Year's Resolution -- I make resolutions throughout the year -- usually smaller ones that I can keep. This was a spur of the moment decision. Now I have to go get the blueberry muffins out of the oven. Come to think of it, I guess muffins and exercise programs have contradictory results, but hey, I have boys to feed, and I have no willpower when it comes to blueberries. Besides, I don't have the DVDs yet.


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