Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mom Social Planner

It's just amazing how your schedule becomes so not your own when you're a mom. And, as your child gets older, they start regularly making requests as to what they want to do and who they want to see.

Just this past week, Seth announced he wants a playdate with two specific boys from his bus. One of them I know....but the other I don't.....and it occurred to me that at age four, Seth is cultivating his own social circle beyond what I have created. My Day Planner may no longer be big enough for the both of us. :)

It's becoming interesting to see who he gravitates toward.....and you hope that they will be compatible playmates.....especially if you're not there to supervise.

This Friday I have a meeting and errands to do in the afternoon, and Seth will have a playdate after school at our home with his friend Jordan....supervised by our nanny.

They grow up fast....and I realize that one day, his life will be his own, socially & otherwise, but until then, I'll still play the role of mom, social planner, among a multitude of other hats I juggle daily.

There are some days when Seth's social life actually seems more interesting than mine since more and more of the women, moms and others I know, are living a whirlwind life. I know it seems impossible, but we really have to try to somehow slow down a bit before the years pass.......and I'd love to get your input on this.

What do you do to try to carve time for yourself?


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